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Salon Covid Information

June 23 2021 


   Mane Event Salon has chosen to go the route of SELF ATTESTATION.  Here on our website you can find the covid waiver. In this you will find your waiver and self attestation form to be filled out prior to your visit to the salon.

If you are not vaccinated or do not wish to tell, we ask that you show up to your appointment with a mask on. You still need to complete the form for our safety and records.  We do reserve the right to ask anyone already in the salon to put a mask on if you have not completed the form prior to entering the salon.


1.  We will still have upgraded filters for air as well as UVC hepa fans as well.

2. We will continue to keep our place clean as per our state guidance that has been our guidance even prior to the covid 19 pandemic.  Meaning, we will continue to sanitize and disinfect.

3. We now have no capacity limits.  With 100%  capacity limits allowed, it will still be a long journey and take time for Salons in Santa Clara county to recoup. With being closed for the better half of 8 months means we have 18 months of recovery at minimum.  Building new clientele, purchases of products and the ongoing work with businesses and the Landlord and property management is how businesses can do this.

4. Distancing Protocols:

We now are no longer required to distance of 6ft. So divider have been taken down, But rest assured, our stations in our work place are 6ft away from one another and are still placed accordingly for continued safety.

5. All guests and Stylist can wear a mask if they still would like even if they are vaccinated. Mane Event Salon will not at anytime disregard anyone's safety measures for themselves.   (If you request that your stylist to be wearing a mask, we will do so. Be advised, other stylist will not be wearing a mask if they are full vaccinated.

  We would also like everyone to know that We are trusting you to be completely transparent with us..  And with this Transparency  and Trust, we thank you in advance as well as appreciate this. 


The Team here at Mane Event Salon are committed to keeping you safe and being transparent.   For new guests, any of our clients can tell you we take Education and Cleaning very seriously..    

We also want to say THANK YOU.. Thank you for your support of purchasing products. (Products for salons, especially Salons where each individual is a sole proprietor, Is really the largest part of what keeps the doors open.).     Thank you, for being Patient,( with are many restrictions and limitations that we all have gone threw.    Finally THANK YOU, for being you. We appreciate and thank each of you for your continued support of each and every Stylist and our business.  There are no words  to describe what this means to all of us.  

Yours in Style,

Mane Event Salon

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