February 2021 

Mane Event Salon is now open to seeing clients again. Thanks to the State and county lifting of our stay at home orders.  We are in the purple standings at this time..

What this means for Salons and clients in Santa Clara county:

1. We are allowed to work indoors again. ( Out side options are still available. Just let us know when booking an appointment.) Mother Nature, as it is winter, is our guide for outside..

2. We must completely sanitize and Disinfect before and after each client as well as during. ( Example: if you have to use the rest room or want to go outside while you are processing, we must clean anywhere you have been.)  With pleasure we do this as we want our clients as well as ourselves to maintain our standards as well as everyone’s safety. 

This is why we ask you to come with only what you need, the bare minimum..

3. There is an occupancy limit of 20% for Personal care as well as 14 days minimum delay in your booking for an appointment if you have traveled. ( in side California 150 miles out of Santa Clara county.  This is recommended by 6 government agencies that is Industry specific to us. Our salon is enforcing this at the best of our ability. 

  We would also like everyone to know that We are trusting you to be completely transparent with us..  We can always get you in, we just have to wait a bit longer. And with this Transparency  and Trust, we thank you in advance as well as appreciate this.  If 1 person tests positive it can mean that the whole Salon must close for 14 days.  The Team here at Mane Event Salon are committed to keeping you safe and being transparent.   For new guests, any of our clients can tell you we take Education and Cleaning very seriously..    

We also want to say THANK YOU.. Thank you for your support of purchasing products. (Products for salons, especially Salons where each individual is a sole proprietor, Is really the largest part of what keeps the doors open.).     Thank you, for being Patient,( with are many restrictions and limitations at his time, we cant book appointments the way we were, or work all the days we want.. But we will get you in.    Finally THANK YOU, for being you. We appreciate and thank each of you for your continued support of each and every Stylist and our business.  There are no words reall to describe what this means to all of us.  

Yours in Style,

Mane Event Salon

1581 W. Campbell Ave, Campbell, CA, 95008. 408.866.9282.  e-mail:  1maneeventsalon@gmail.com

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